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MNM Physiotherapy and Wellness, LLC


Please read below to learn more about how MNM Physio can best serve you. If you have additional questions please reach out!

  • Why choose MNM Physio?
    MNM Physio is a locally owned and operated business. As such we have the more accessibility that the large hospital systems in the area. This means when you contact us, you will be speaking directly with Dr. Marianne Moser, rather than a call center. Since MNM Physio is a cash based clinic you have direct access to physiotherapy whenever you need it, we won't have to wait for insurance to approve anything. You also won't have to wait 4-6 weeks to be seen (as is common with many larger clinics), we can usually see you within 24-48 hours, which is so important for acute injuries. MNM Physio strives to be a lifelong parter in your wellness journey. This means we work to be proactive to prevent injuries as well as rehabilitating injuries that do happen. It also means even after you return to your activities we offer wellness visits to check in and make sure you are still doing well. MNM Physio meets you where you are at and works collaboratively with you to help you achieve your goals.
  • What does cash-based mean?
    Cash-based means you pay directly for services rendered; this is similar to the model used with many massage, chiropractic, personal training, and other wellness services. This provides better access so we don't have to wait for insurance approval. It also allows us to have the freedom to use any intervention that we believe will improve your condition without having to worry about if insurance will cover it or not. It protects you from having any surprise billing after treatment, as is common with larger healthcare systems. Payment options include: cash, Venmo, credit cards, debit cards, and HSA/FSA cards. Though you will pay up front for the services, you can always submit the bill to your insurance company on your own for reimbursement. If requested, MNM Physio can provide you with the documentation necessary to submit for reimbursement.
  • Why physical therapy is necessary, even if you "feel better" after an injury:
    Often times with a new injury, the initial pain subsides and you feel ready to return to your athletic activity. Though the pain goes away, that doesn't mean your body is ready to return to high level activities right away. After an injury, the body is altered and needs help to get it back to a state of health. Take, for example, an ankle sprain. Initially it's painful, swollen, and depending on the severity can be bruised as well. After the initial healing (which can take days to weeks) it feels better to walk on, the swelling and bruising have gone away, and it looks and feels relatively normal again. Internally though, those ligaments were overstretched and a few of them were partially torn. This alters the proprioception of the ankle (this means the ability of the ligaments to detect ankle position and allow the brain to interpret this information). When we go to use our ankle again it now has an increase range of what our brain is going to interpret as "normal motion;" when in reality it's going beyond normal motion because of the ankle sprain. This will put the ankle more at risk for a re-occurance of the same injury as well as leaving the body vulnerable to other injuries. While the ankle was healing, the body is also making compensations to offload the injured area. This can look like a change of position at the knee, hip, or back to alter ankle position. Often times some of these compensations subtly stick around longer than we need them and can put us at risk for other injuries. In addition to this, in the initial healing time frame we lose some strength on the side of the injury because we're trying to rest the area, so when we go back to activity we are in an even worse position because we have a weakened ligament as well as weakened muscles in the same area. Physical therapy takes all of this into consideration during the evaluation to determine all the areas that need work (e.g. fixing compensations, improving proprioception, strengthening the side of the injury). Then we can develop a program to work towards all of these goals. Throughout physical therapy treatment we'll take into account all of the requirements for returning to your specific sport/activity to help get you there in a safe and effective matter. This will reduce the risk of re-injury with your return to sport and helps to promote your lifelong wellness.
  • What does concierge service mean?
    Concierge service means we come to you. MNM Physio prides itself on accessibility so if it's easier for your schedule and life to have treatment at your house, we will meet you there. We have a portable table and bring some portable equipment with us to be able to provide you care right in your home. MNM Physio will travel within a 5 mile radius of our location. If you are located outside of that radius, you will have to be seen at our main location.
  • Do I need a referral?
    No you do not. Colorado is a direct access state for physical therapy, meaning you do not need to see a medical doctor nor do you need a referral prior to coming in for a physical therapy appointment. If you have a referral or any imaging (X-ray or MRI reports) about the condition you're wanting to be seen for, you are more than welcome to bring them in.
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